Blog: Session 2 with Bas

It’s five p.m. and I just got off work. My car is still packed from the last session. As you all read in my previous blog, I decided to feed for a week to see what the results would be.

After I reached the parking lot of the water at 5:30 p.m. I saw another angler park his car. I said to myself well this can’t get any worse. Unfortunately I was right; it was one of the 14 members of the water. “Shit, I’m too late!” After I talked to him for a while it turns out that he’s going to fish at this spot with another member this evening and that they also fed this week.  Oh dear, that’s a lot of bait in one week. We exchange numbers and they promise to text me once they leave so I can still fish tonight.

Once I’m back home again I’m a little disappointed. I prepared everything really well and I’m basically put into the position to or return that night in the dark or to come back the next day. I treat myself to a pizza and I’m thinking about whether I should return tonight.

After a delicious pizza and my girlfriend telling me I should still go, I decide that I’m going back again a little early. This way I can chat with the members and I can load all my gear out while it’s still day. This saves me time when it gets dark and all I need to do is switch places with them.

When I arrived at the spot we talked about the old stock and the current stock. It turns out both gentlemen are fishing here for 33 years. This is of course a great way for me to learn more about the water. Around 11 p.m. the men decide to pack their gear and I can take place on the scaffold. With my boat already pumped and my rods provided with bait it takes me little time to prepare everything. As I said last session I decide to put out two rods near the Lily field, where I fed about two and a half kilo bait. I decide to put out my third rod on the right side in front of the bank with a small bucket pigeon chow mixed with 15 and 20mm boilies. I chose for these amounts because not a lot of people fish on this water, but I want to make sure that the fishes come across enough bait that’s well spread.

After 10 minutes I catch one of my “favorite” fishes. I unhook the bream, quickly forget it and search for my sleeping bag. It’s around 5 a.m. when I hear the sound of my bite alarms going off again. A fantastic fight follows I was surprised that the fish didn’t swim itself stuck in the lilies. Just to be safe I got into my boat to drill it further from there.

The sun started to rise so I put my hopes on another great take this morning. Before I took a picture with the fish I put my rod back out perfect in between the lilies. Who knows how much more fishes can come swimming by. This one was definitely well fed by bait.

It is 8 a.m. and of course I start the day off with a bream. I decide not to put my rod back out and instead make bait from tree kilos crushed boilies, mixed with diverse formats whole boilies. I’m going to feed this once all my rods are reeled in again. Two hours later not a lot has happened so I decide to start packing my gear. I feed the spots to make sure the fishes stay familiar with the bait. It’s quite the job to get everything back into your car again, certainly in the full sun. I keep amazing myself with how much gear I take with me and how much fits in my car.

This session was a little bit disappointing to me but I’m also realistic that with an air pressure of 1025 it’s far from ideal to go fishing. This is probably the last session before my trip to France and of course I will take you with me and show you all the ins and outs of my fishery.

Until next time,


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