Blog: Session 3 with Bas

Instant but still effective!

It has been two weeks since my last session on this water. Back then I fed for four days and caught one beautiful fish. That one clearly enjoyed the meal. This time I decided to do a night of instant fishing, hoping that the carp would still visit the old hotspots. It was a pleasant warm summer evening. After dinner, around 7pm I decided to go towards the bankside. Once I arrived, the first thing I did was getting the boat ready before I geared up my rods. On two rods the usual recipe; 20mm citrus-banana with a bright yellow pop-up. And I provide my third rod of bait which I use for the first time; MC8. A green boilie (based on aniseed). I decided to not use this on an old spot but on a new spot in the margin which I never fished before. This might result in some nice bonus fish!

Astonishing peace
It’s around 9pm when I was fully installed. Even though I’m fishing instant my trust is very high for this session. There are a lot of fish jumping around and a little breeze occurred right where I was fishing. Surprisingly enough, nothing happens until 2:30am. Do you guys know the feeling that you think you are dreaming about fishing and getting a bite, while this is actually happening in real life. This happens to me quite often at the waterside, it usually takes me a split second to realize; shit, a run!!

This happened around 2:30am, after a little sprint I grab my rod and a good fight with the fish follows. I tactically try to guide the fish through the lilies. With a fair amount of trouble I manage to get the fish into my net. “Yeah, that’s number one” Is what I’m thinking. While it’s still early in the morning, I see chances for another beautiful fish.

Road to number 2!
After I laid down the rod again, I send my friends a few messages with the catch-report. Surprisingly enough, one of them is still awake and wants to come and take some pictures. Not even 10 minutes later, the photoshoot starts.

Its 6:30am when I woke up from a few bleeps. Still laying on my stretcher I take a look at my rods and to my surprise  the same rod as last night is bent. When I stand up and walk towards my rods, I’m mostly surprised. I grab my rod and feel basically nothing and know immediately that I’m stuck in the lilies. Quickly I jumped into the boat and make my way through the lilies. When I get close to my line, my rod bends again. “Yes, we still got it”. The fight starts and after a glimpse in the water I can see that it’s a good common carp! Because there haven’t been many people fishing at this water, the fish are super strong. This makes every take a challenge.

Expedition lilies!
When I finally reach the point where my fish is in clear water without plants, one of my biggest nightmares became a reality. I got a new take on my left rod on the jetty. After swearing for several times, I try to put more pressure on my fish. Seconds feel like minutes and when I finally landed this big common carp, the bite alarm has stopped. I quickly put the fish into the retainer sling, grab my left rod and have a look whether the fish is still somewhere between the lilies.

After finally stripping down my line from all the lilies, I spot the fish a bit further away between the plants! From a distance I couldn’t see what kind of fish it was. Before I even get a chance to reach out to the fish it swims away, it’s unhooked. Shit… With a bad feeling I get back to the jetty. Luckily the fish doesn’t have the rig in his mouth that’s the only thing that gave me a bit of positive feeling. Back at the jetty my mood changed real quick because I saw the beautiful common I just landed, it’s exactly what I was asking for all this time. 


Keep building trust
After some beautiful catches I release this beauty back in the water.
At 09:00am, the sun is shining onto my little fishingspot  and I decide ‘ It’s a wrap!’. I slowly pack my stuff and I make sure that there is some food on several places. I don’t do this because I was planning to do another session here in the near future, but just to make sure the fish come back to this spot with trust.

For now, this was the last session blog of this water, around autumn you can definitely expect some more blogs of this water.

Thanks for reading and see you at the next blog!

Bas Baks

“Have Faith in yourself and your style of fishing! It’s the most important thing”

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