Product review Faith Inflatable Avatar M1 Dome

The selection of carpfishing bivvy’s these days are huge. If you already made a list for yourself with some preferences it will make it a lot easier. The Faith Inflatable Avatar M1 Dome has a few unique features, causing the bivvy to distinguish itself well from the other bivvy’s on the market. In this review you will read all about it!

First impression of the whole package
It’s a nice compact package keeping everything in one bag. This bag is not bigger than a small sporting bag (70x35x25) and with a weight of only eight kilograms, its easy to lift as well. The bivvy itself forms one big entirety with a solid ground sheet. This is coiled into the bag with the pump being provided as a firm package. The bivvy pegs are loose in the box so its advised to put them in the bag immediately, this way you won’t forget them. The pegs are made of lightweight aluminum with the Faith logo on it.


Inflating the tent
The setup is really easy. You just inflate the bivvy (ribs) until you hear the air coming out of the valve. This works great! From here on it’s only a matter of putting the pegs into the ground and your bivvy is all setup. A beautiful spacious bivvy and with little wind and rain you don’t even have to secure the guy lines. Setup your stretchers and you are ready for the night.

List of features
As the name suggests and as already described above, it’s an inflatable bivvy. Besides this unique feature there will follow a few more features with some tips as well. The bivvy is big enough for two people. Of course also ideal for solo sessions, especially when you like to have some extra space around you.

You can unzip the whole front sheet, this will make the bivvy one open entirety. The bivvy has a cool and sturdy look with a solid groundsheet making the setup and tidying up the bivvy really easy. Word of advice, leave the provided pump and pegs always in the bag, this way you will never forget them. When you usually have sessions on hard surfaces, it is advised to bring heavy-duty pegs yourself.

On both sides of the bivvy there are two small windows, with partly plastic glass and mosquito netting for some extra light and a little ventilation. I would advise to always ventilate your bivvy. No matter how cold it is, always leave a little crack open somewhere.

In conclusion
Are you searching for a spacious bivvy suitable for two people, where everything is packed into one bag? Then the Inflatable Avatar M1 Dome suits you perfectly. Personally I don’t prefer having lightweight pegs, but I don’t see any disadvantages regarding this tent. The guy lines are already attached to the bivvy, and most of the time you don’t even have to use them.

Check the video below for a small impression and the setup of this bivvy!

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