Blog: Bled part.1

Bled Slovenia, a water that you dream of! Part 1
It’s still before my trip to France when I secretly dream about a wonderful session on the lake of Bled. The idea has been in my head for a while now and everyone knows those fantastic movies from Alain Blair and of course our Dutch guys Pilaar and Hofman.

It had to happen this summer. The only one I had to convince was my girlfriend. How can you convince to go on vacation to Slovenia in the summer? This is not the romantic Paris of Venetia where she is waiting for. We still managed to arrange something and we planned a 14 day vacation, YES! We will spend the whole vacation at different campsites. Our vacation will start in Croatia and we will travel to Slovenia afterwards, with a fishing license of ‘Lake Bled’ to fish for 3 days.

Croatia here we come! Uhm NOT…
We leave one day earlier than planned. At Sunday around 6 o’clock, this will make sure we have an extra day on the Monday. I came up with this amazing plan on Sunday, to discover Bled first on Monday! After all, this is on the route to Croatia, and of course it's exciting to get started.

After my first Instagram story post, I get a bunch of questions from my followers about this trip. I put this aside for a moment, I wanted to enjoy the water first. I had seen a lot of pictures and movies about Bled. This was THE moment for me and my girlfriend to enjoy it ourselves.

The infamous church that everyone knows!

We walk around the water and my enthusiasm can’t be suppressed. I’m having a chat with every fishermen we encounter. With the extremely hot conditions of the last period, I was curious about the catches at Lake Bled. After a little chat I find out that it’s generally quite and heavy for all fishermen. Some caught nothing but the people that did, caught 1, 2 or 3 fish, came with serious weights! 22, 26 and even 29 kilograms… I started to think twice about this, what a serious amount of big fishes swim around here! I continue my way along the lake until I abruptly stop.

A fantastic start
Like every other fishermen I also take a closer look near and into the water, and not only what happens in front of my feet. I’m looking into an abyss of about 5 meters and I can see a group of carp violently feeding for the side. As a madmen I started to do the weirdest moves to be able to stand near the abyss, to take a closer look at the first Bled carp. And man.. those are big! I estimate them all to be above 15 kilograms! I beg the lady and she gives me a clear, NO! I didn’t have a fishing license and all of my gear was miles away. After mouth watering for a bit, we proceed our way to a nice place to have lunch.

It’s noon, and I can’t get those big carp out of my head and ask If I can pretty please go to the fishing spot with one rod. “Well, go ahead then” she says. I don’t give her the chance to repeat and I went along with her to the (which I will call) “the stalk spot” later on. To my surprise the carp are still in the same spot after three hours, and the adrenaline is going through my body to start the adventure right here, right now! This time, I slowly slide down and put my rod with a single 20mm Citrus-banana boilie between the fishes.

Not even 10 minutes have passed when my rod flies off. I have no idea what’s happening to me! The drill is starting and I jump directly into the water. Immediately I get an audience around me, which many artists would be proud of. I manage to catch the fish and a heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders!  What a start, I let the fish rest for a bit and start searching for my scale. Scale… Shit! Totally forgotten! This tough guy is not going back into the water before I know it’s weight.

The Stalker spod

My girlfriend suggests to cycle past a few fishermen to borrow their scale. Well people, Italian people don’t even borrow their stuff to a beautiful lady.. I decide to cycle 6 kilometres back to the car… Well it was more of a time trial! Once I was back, we weight the mirror carp which was 20.7 kilograms! This is what I call an excellent start of your vacation! I decide to swim together with the fish to a shallow piece of water, because it’s not safe to take a proper picture on the steep side. After the drill and water spectacle, the “Stalk spot” has been interrupted. Together with my girlfriend we go to a campsite nearby to get some rest. Tomorrow we travel to Croatia.

From vacation mode to Fish Frenzy.
I have to leave the fish mode behind for a bit. We had a relaxing week at a campsite near the Croatian Pula. This vacation was all about relaxing, but of course also preparing the bait for my days at Bled. After cooking all of the hemp and enjoy the sun and sea for a week the Fish Frenzy finally starts. I feel like I planned everything down to the last detail, with the aim of continuing the great start at Bled.

In the meantime I started our 310 kilometre trip from the campsite to the lake of Bled. Before we arrive at Bled, we make a visit to the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana. There is a Decathlon over here and I buy some extra particles and tiger nuts. Once we arrive, we check in at the campsite near the lake of Bled. This is the ideal spot to cycle around the lake everyday and of course provide the fishing spots with a bunch of bait.

After setting up our camp I walk together with my girlfriend to the centre of Bled to hire a bicycle. You have to pay attention here, most places only rent out mountain bikes but if you search a bit more you will find places that also rent out city bikes with racks in front and at the back of the bicycle. Ideal to store some stuff! We finish our little trip and come across the “Stalk spot” where I caught the mirror carp last time. I stop and to my surprise I look at a group of six feeding carp!

The adrenaline is going through my body, I cycle in a direct sprint to the campsite and forget that my girlfriend is still on the back of my bicycle. I take my rod and my trusted delicious mix (hemp, tiger nuts, pellets, corn mix and my trusted Citrus-Banana boilie). After five minutes I’m looking at the carp again at the same spot. I notice that the big carp come and go. I decide to wait for them to swim away and then give them a handful of food. To my surprise it does not scare the rest of the carp and they start to eat. This has to be the right spot, there is no other way! I place my rig between the fishes with a small 30 grams lead and the waiting starts.

Feeding carps along the waterside, that creates adrenaline! 

Seconds seem to be minutes and after 30 minutes staring at different big fish, my Faith wicked bite alarm starts screaming! I jump into the water and start drilling. I don’t take any risk when suddenly an Italian guy jumps down and stands next to me, grabs the landing net and asked “You need some help?”

“Of course, thank you man!”, that’s all that came out of my mouth at that exact moment. I drill the fish calmly and controlled, I can feel from the drilling that this is a big one. When I see a huge mirror carp appear from the depths I go crazy! “Yes, that is a big one!”, I yell to my girlfriend (Who stands behind me with around 35 people), while they are all looking at me dancing with an unknown Italian guy.

The Italian guy clearly doesn’t know what a carp is, proceeds to go into the water and grabs the fish out of the water with the landing net. GOT IT! Euphorically, I hug the Italian who, without thinking, walks into the water to help me landing this big carp.

With 23 kilo’s, a new personal best but the most important part, a big FISH and a great feeling!

Wonderful! I haven’t even been fishing for two hours and already caught two 40 pounders. I’m wondering what the 3 day fishing license is going to give me! Before taking pictures in the water, I decide to lift the fish upwards to take some pictures over there. I get an applause here aswell, from a few Chinese people who probably see sushi in front of their eyes instead of carp.

After taking a few pictures I decide to release this powerhouse and let it enjoy his freedom. Nothing could ruin my day, I walk towards the “stalk spot” to feed for a fair amount. With two big fishes caught on this spot I wanted to make sure there was enough food so I could potentially catch another one at the exact same spot.

Another one

Before my three day fishing license starts, I still have four days without a fishing license to go. In those days happened a few crazy things and I got to meet some awesome people! Do you want to know how the rest of my week went in Bled?

Make sure to check the next two upcoming blogs aswell!

Have Faith!

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