Blog: Bled part.2

Bled Part 2 CARNAGE!!

In my last blog I took you guys with me to the beautiful Bled. As you guys might have noticed, I can do everything but complain! In this second part of the blog we will continue where we left off, catching fish!

After my catch of 23 kilo’s, while putting the fish back into the water I get in contact with Ruud. This Dutch guy has just like me from Saturday on a permit for 5 days at Bled. We decide to give each other our phone number to get in contact to talk a bit about fishing spots and our catches on the water.

Meanwhile its Wednesday already, one day after my beautiful catch. The first thing I do the next morning is checking the “stalk spot”. The food from yesterday was nowhere to be seen, sadly the fish neither. I throw around 3 kilos of my food mix into the water and make a little trip around the water to see how the other fishermen are doing. Generally speaking most of the people don’t catch more than one or two fish and there are even people blanking.

Afternoon starts and it’s all about seeing some of the culture around here and seeing the church from up-close. Of course, we did this with a rented boat, ideal to also check some of the fishing spots. However these are the more busy spots and I don’t think this is the place where I will catch my fish.

A rent boat, perfect for also to check out some swims

Plan of action
After a wonderful afternoon on the lake of Bled and a few beers, I decide to cycle around the lake again. Soon I came across for me a new fishermen, a nice Englishman! We got into a conversation about all sorts of things. An hour later I haven’t made any progress! After a few stories he told me he saw a lot of fish jumping around in the water. Despite that he only caught one single fish. The fish was mostly jumping around the beach of the campsite. I stood there for a while and finished my lap around the lake.

The story about the fish jumping around near the beach stayed in my head for a while, especially the next morning when the wind was fully blowing onto the beach. Also on this side of the water it was pretty quiet, there were practically no fishermen except for the Englishman. I decided the upcoming mornings to release the food mix I made myself next to the wooden lodge near the beach. I fed the fishes two times per day, four litres. This seemed to be the perfect amount since the wind was blowing onto the beach.

The food mix

Stalk Spot
Of course I checked the “stalk spot” every single day and I had agreed with myself to only make an attempt when I saw some big fish at the spot. With already two 40 pounders from this spot, I know the big fish feel safe around here.

I was on my way again on the bike when I stopped at the “stalk spot” and you can guess what I encountered. Multiple fish were enjoying the mix which I left every single day at the same spot. Among the fish there were certainly a few large ones. I fastly got a single rod and placed it between the fishes. Less than 10 minutes later the rod flew off, after which I was allowed to land a nice small scale carp.

Sadly note one of the big ones like last time. But this scale is more than welcome!

It’s a delightful feeling that everytime I see fish at my spot, I’m actually able to catch one aswell. I put the scale back into the water and at the end of the day I went to Englishman who after some advice, decided to try it a night at the beach.
When I’m standing next to him I can see that my theory seems to be right. He caught two fish fairly quickly. Shortly after he was able to welcome a 20.4 kilo mirror carp! Many people would ask why I would give away the spot when I want to sit there myself. I’m really easy in that case… For me fishing is a hobby where I don’t necessarily have to catch something myself. I enjoy the fact that friends of me and even random people catch fish. This Englishman was only able to catch one small fish and I had already caught three big ones, while two of them were 20 kilograms. For me the trip was already a success. I also grant this to someone else, I live under the motto; who does well, meets well.

First Blood! On the beach.
The first morning on the beach has arrived! I wake up at 3.30AM, even before my alarm goes off. I’m tense and enthusiastic at the same time, it’s raining fairly hard and I prepared everything. My permit starts in the early morning but I decided to build some trust and took the risk to fish on the beach for a while. I get all packed onto my bicycle and start the chilly trip. You probably recognize it; bag here, rod over there, seat on the back and the rest of my gear at the wheel. Basically every ingredient to make a nice faceplant. Luckily I arrive safe and sound and slowly setup my rods.

When everything is ready, waiting for the first fish

Rod 1: provided with a 17cm rig, of which the last 4cm coating being removed. On the hair a 20mm Citrus-Banana boilie with half a yellow pop-up on top of it.

Rod 2: The same rig, only this time I made the hair a bit longer. I do this to make sure my combination of a 15mm Citrus-Banana and the 15mm pop-up would fit. I balance this with some small lead underneath the boilie.

As soon as I finished my rods I threw the first one with a underhand throw 20 metres into the water with a depth of around 5-6 metres. I let the rig slowly fall towards the bottom. I feel the lead not touching the bottom and instead I can feel my top curving! There is already fish on it! How is this possible… I actually have nothing prepared and already have the first fish hanging onto my rod. This has never happened to me before! While drilling I make sure to prepare the landing net and catch a nice mirror carp of 11 kilo’s.

Dutchman Ruud came across to take a quick picture, the start is here!

After catching this fish it actually went quiet for a while. Every now and then I got a few single beeps  but because I used a lot of hemp it could easily be a big group of chubs. Because I still didn’t have a permit I wanted to make sure I packed everything before sunrise to take no risks. With this fish in the pocket I decided that it was enough around 8 o’clock.

That afternoon I spend the whole day with my girl in the beautiful centre of Bled, we had lunch and went luging with a beautiful view across the lake! Luckily there is enough to do even when you don’t enjoy fishing. The day comes to an end as I prepare my gear for my first full day at the water, WITH permit. With the food ready and bike all packed, I get into my tent with a great feeling. Me and my girlfriend watched a movie before we closed our eyes.

The next morning we had the alarm go off at 03.30AM. I was awake a bit earlier, the excitement and heavy downpours made sure I couldn’t get into a deep sleep. I put on my raincoat and got onto my bike. Uncomfortable with all of my gear on my bike I’m trying to get without any trouble to the fishing spot. The spot is free, luckily! This concerned me a bit, especially considering there was quite a bit of fish being caught. Almost all fish are getting caught with an audience. So it might have been that the spot would be occupied. After making sure with my umbrella that I had a nice dry spot, I would start a morning that I wouldn’t forget really quick!

Morning Madness
The wise lesson that I learned yesterday, I could now put into practice. First prepare everything before I setup my rods, this saves a lot of chaos. I throw my first rod with an underhand throw. The line that sinks around 6 metres DID touch the bottom this time around. I fastly grab my second rod and give it a nice spot, now the waiting starts. The waiting didn’t even last 10 minutes, I grab the rod from the support and start the fight with I thought was quite a big fish. Because I had prepared everything this time, everything went smoothly. Or maybe not…

I suddenly hear a bunch of beeps next to me and I literally see my rod flying into the water. I didn’t hesitate for a second, and went head first into the water to grab my rod from the bottom. When I get out of the water I’m completely soaked with two curved rods in my hand with on the other side the unknown. I thought I prepared everything fairly well but actually got a fair amount of chaos. I decide to drill my first run and put the other road in a corner between my legs and loosen the slip a bit.

With a little effort I manage to get the first fish out of the water, directly after I start with the other fish. I’m actually a bit surprised that the fish is still hanging on. He wasn’t stuck at one of the buoys which were present at my spot. When I finally manage to get this fish into the net together with the other one the adrenaline finally lowers. Whew.. What a bunch of chaos! Secretly this is the dream for every fishermen. Because of the chaos I haven’t looked what I caught, I pull the net out of the water and I’m really surprised. Both fish are way bigger than I expected.

With 12.9 kilo and beautiful perfect rows on both sides

This old two toned mirror which was 17 kilo was definitely worth the swim

The rest of the morning was fairly quiet, when suddenly the afternoon arrived! Do you want to know what happens at the rest of my days?

Then quickly check the last part of my Bled trilogy.

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