Blog: Bled part.3

The end of the Bled trip.

As you guys may have read in part two, my first morning exceeded all expectations. After two quick bites I expected more from this morning! It was not until 12 o’clock that I got a couple of beeps again. Here I learned that the fish become more eager when using hemp as bait, this resulted in more liners. As a result, I often knew that I was close to a bite. And indeed, less than 20 minutes later one of my rods flew off! I can see that it’s a nice little scale carp and decide to give the rod to my girlfriend.

The smaller carp are also more than welcome!

Divers are worse than coots!
After this little fighter I unfortunately get into a bit of trouble with a few divers. Smart as I was, I prematurely went to a group of divers and told them where my lines were and asked if they could be careful not to swim near them. As a joke, I asked them if they could take a quick look whether there were some fat carp near my feeding spot! I was just trying to lighten the mood… Unfortunately I was immediately put away as a carp killer and got into a discussion with the dive instructor. After telling them to enjoy their dive, I take a seat and slowly fall asleep.

Beeeppp! While dreaming about a fat 20 kilogram carp, a hard run makes me jump up from my chair. I hook the fish, stare at the water and immediately see a sea of bubbles. I begin to curse and rant and I start to pull my rod. One of the divers picked up my line, I can clearly see that the diver can’t swim forward and I even get some space when I suddenly fly backwards because the diver cuts my line. While being extremely mad I wait for the divers. When the first one pulls his set of his face I start my lamentation, I quickly notice that it makes no sense.
I end up telling the instructor that by cutting my line with lead and bait there will probably die another carp because of him. I get little to no response and return to my site to get my fishing rod ready again.

Relaxing? Not always!
Only around 4.30pm the divers decide to leave and I throw some bait at my fishing spot to get things started again. Not even two minutes later I can already see the result, and I can show the inside of my net to a nice mirror carp.

A great carp after the teasing from the divers

This gave me some confidence after the screwing around from the divers at my spot. I immediately throw some of the familiar baitmix into the water and decide to treat myself to a few beers. With the lady behind the rods and the store around the corner I expected that everything would be alright. It did, but not the way I expected…

With four beers in my bicycle basket, I cycle from the camping shop towards the fishing spot. You guessed it, even before I’m at the spot, I see a group of 30 people standing still! This can only mean one thing. Or my lady is performing a dance that these tourists find extremely interesting or she caught a fish. Arriving at the spot, I can see a proud lady with a smile from ear to ear. “It’s already in the net”, she says while laughing. A little surprised, I look at her and I look into the net. A nice little scale wobbles back and forth. I started laughing and said: “wonderful baby, how did that feel?”. Yes, the rod almost flew off that quick was the fish. After a photo session we release this little guy back into the water.

A good size to catch without me being there

The moment we release the fish, my second rod flies off! Wonderful, apparently feeding the fishes when the divers left did help. After fighting for two minutes, my hook gets loose, bummer! But we can’t complain, and I prepare my rods and put them in place.

on my first day with my fishing license here on Bled, I caught five carp and I lost one. I certainly can not complain. After it remains silent for the next few hours, I decide to give the fishing spot some rest and also charge myself. I pack up my rods around 8pm, feed the fishes and decide to walk around the lake to ask the other fishermen how they are doing.

Surprisingly, there are several fishermen that didn’t caught anything. Some had one or two, but unfortunately no spectacular weights for them. The temperature dropped with 12 degrees, I definitely didn’t expect this. I return with some food for my lady and myself, because we also have to eat something. After the delicious food we decide to go to bed early, because tomorrow the alarm goes off at 3.30AM.

Day 2 dragging carps!?
While I slowly wake up, I can hear the loud raindrops clatter on our tent. This can only mean one thing, wet to the fishing spot. With a bit of luck I arrive safe and sound at the spot. And not much later it turned out that it was a good choice that I defied the rain. An Englishman which I spoke to the night before came ‘by chance’ along my spot, this can’t be coincidence. I take out all of my gear and against my principles, I put together my net. I do this before my rods even hit the water. The last two days have shown that it can be chaos from the very start. So, ‘better safe, than sorry!’

What surprised me is the amount of fish jumping around, both in front and at the back of the beach you can clearly hear them constantly jumping. Lets get it, I prepare my three rods and throw two of them into the water. I don’t have to wait for too long, it takes less than five minutes when my rod flies off! Fortunately I went against my principles this time. I lay the landing net in front of me while I get the fish out of the water into my net, a nice scale carp of around 8 kilo’s.

While I’m making a video for my Instagram, the other rod suddenly flies off as well. Crazy! I throw my cellphone away, grab the rod from the support and quietly start reeling in which was feeling like a solid fish. The fish appears to be somewhat smaller from what I expected. We certainly do not mind this at all! Before I take care of the two scale carps in my net, I throw my third rod into the water. I unhook the smaller fish to put them on my unhooking mat, when suddenly my third rod goes off! No… chaos at the spot. One fish jiggling around, the net full of fish and one on the hook, there you are all alone. In the corner of my eye I can see the smaller scale slowly gliding back into the water ‘goodbye’, I was actually fairly happy with it! During the drill I immediately notice that the fish is a bit more serious than the one before. That’s why I decided to take it slow, after all, there are no other rods that can fly off.  

17 kilograms of mirror carp, a beautiful fish

This was the larger scale during the morning chaos

Unfortunately, the raking in of the carps ends suddenly. After three quick bites, three silent hours follow. Until later on when I catch a super nice little scale, perfect and completely gold, a real beauty.

In the afternoon, I manage to catch one more

Because it was quieter than usual, I left the lady alone for a while. Perhaps this brings some luck. I picked up the stalk rod and cycled with some bait and my net to the infamous ‘stalking spot’. The moment I arrived I could already see a number of fish. Accompanied by Ed Mcdermott (co-owner of Farlow’s lake in England) who just arrived, I ventured an attempt to get a nice fish. Ed and I have spoken to each other several times this week and so far he had not seen any fish. Up to me to change that! For about 20 minutes we sit together watching the carp swim around my bait, but it doesn’t lead to a bite. Together we climb up to grab a drink and then suddenly the rod flies off! Like two children we slide down and directly jump into the water to stand a little more comfortable with my rod. We can see that it’s a beautiful small but powerful scale that is coming from under the branches. Ed gets the fish into the net and helps me putting it on the sensitive plate.
After this fish I return to my girl, who luckily didn’t experience any craziness. Together we decide that it’s enough for the day and we are both fairly cold. We pack everything up and don’t get out of our tent for the rest of the day.

The final stretch.
The last day I had an appointment with Ruudt, a Dutch guy who I met in Slovenia. Ruudt had been fishing for a few days and fed for a fair amount, this resulted in only one smaller fish so far. Because my morning went beyond all of my expectations, I was confident that more could be achieved when I wasn’t alone. That’s why I invited Ruudt to join me for a morning at my spot. The morning started as usual, half past three in the morning out of the warm bed and in the rain towards the spot. Quickly getting the rods into the water. Upon arrival it was very quiet and the wind also turned. This gave me a different picture than the last two days I was here.

After two hours staring at the water together with Ruudt, not much exciting happened. At least, except for a small mirror that we immediately gave back his freedom. I decided to take my bike and cycle along the ‘stalking spot’. Also there wasn’t too much exciting to experience, when I was looking in the distance I suddenly spotted several carp jumping around at the edge of the forest on the other side. This is actually the place where Ruudt had used 55 kilograms of bait. I cycle back to Ruudt and tell him what I have just seen and he doesn’t believe it. He takes his bike to see it with his own eyes. All excited, he return and says, “okay we have to move”. And so we did just that.

All packed we leave for the other edge of the forest and set up our camp there. Meanwhile the sun breaks through and it’s actually pretty nice and warm. We fish run for run, because I feel like I already got my fair share of fish. And fishing together is obviously a lot more fun than fishing on my own. When we lay down our raids it doesn’t take long, I just left the rods when I got a call from Ruudt “Bas, I got a huge one!”

And let's face it, this is a beast! 20.7 kliograms

Not much later we get another bite that unfortunately manages to unhook himself and slip away. How? We still don’t know. The two hours that follow we both manage to catch a nice scale carp.

With 10 kilograms, not that big but on Bled every fish is an experience itself

The spot is doing fairly well and Ruudt manages to catch another nice fish. Sadly, it manages to escape before we could take a picture. The end of the afternoon is in sight and my fishing time is over here. Leaving a solid spot is always difficult, Ruudt fortunately still has five more days so he can catch a few more at this spot. Sadly, I have to go back to the Netherlands. I leave Ruudt behind and pack all my stuff in the car at the campsite. However, I will certainly do not leave Slovenia with a bad feeling. I can’t complain when I managed to catch 15 fish and two of them were above 40 pounds. 

I hope you guys enjoyed my Bled trilogy. I certainly enjoyed writing the blogs about it, it brings me back to the place where I had such a wonderful time.

Until the next one,


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