Product review: Faith Lounge Chair S

Product review: Faith Lounge Chair S

Despite the trend of adventure, stalking, short sessions you still need to have some kind of patience when static fishing. And what could be better than to relax in a comfortable chair. Faith has two new chairs that have a special design to slump down into the chair. Enjoy the nature or concentrate on your watcher. One thing is certain, this is all really comfortable in the Faith Lounge chair.


First impression
We are talking about a chair that is also available in the XL version, but I chose for the smaller S version. This is not because I’m small myself, but I like to have everything compact. Folded they are the same size, but folded out you can clearly see the difference between the two sizes. Well, the smaller version, it pleases me, looks cool and is solid as a rock. The front legs are adjustable and equipped with the so-called ‘mud feet’ making it not sink into the ground. The chair is easy to transport as well. It’s not heavy at all and because of the two plastic buckles it won’t fold out during the transport.


Let’s sit down
This is the fun of testing a chair, sitting down. And ‘chilling’ is definitely possible in this chair! I have nothing negative to say about this! Despite the chair being extremely comfortable, I can guarantee you get out of this chair easily when going for a ‘run’.  The chair is padded well and has a fleece cover around the armrest. You’re a real king in this chair. As said before, the front legs are easily adjustable and you can stay nice and low near the ground. Due to the sloping seat you do not suffer from the hard edge. This could be a problem when sitting on an inclined ramp. Perfect chair!


Compact comfortable seat that looks cool as well.
Lightweight, easy to fold and secure with the two buckles for transporting the chair.
Two adjustable (mud) front legs to make sure you don’t sink into the ground and to straighten the chair.
Armrests with fleece for even more comfort.
Strong enough to be able to hold up to 125 kg!


You can call it love at first sight. It instantly became my favorite seat and I’m not sure if that will change anytime soon!

Catch a big one!

Joris van Ophuizen

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