Autumn Pearls Part 2

A dream start.
After my last session with Martijn, which unfortunately ended without a carp, it was now up to me and Thomas. Thomas is more a "recreative angler" than a true carp angler but over the years he has gained a lot of knowledge about carp fishing.

We meet around 2 pm, in that way we have enough time to put the rods on the selected spots. My previous session had of course shown me that it took quite some time to put the rods in the right way. Although I have a license for three rods, I always fish with only two rods. There are few spots on this water, so line pressure can certainly play a role.

The rigs have been lying on the spots for a while when the evening falls. Unfortunately, nothing has happened yet. Martijn comes over to have a nice drink with us before we go into our sleeping bags. It is quiet, very quiet!

While we are relaxing on our stretchers, nothing really happens for a long time. Suddenly I wake up because of a single beep on my obstacle rod. I immediately point with my flashlight on top of my rod. I see the top moving, but the bite alarm makes no sound. I jump out of my bed and wake Thomas, saying "Thomas action, we have fish on!" he looks confused. While I quickly grab the boat, my drag finally starts ticking. I grab the rod off the banksticks and I don't put pressure on it. This is because the fish normally hooks itself by the float and the heavy lead in the weed and then stays there.

Finally action!
In a hurry we navigate the boat to the floater which lays calm on the surface of the open water, out of reach from all obstacles. The fish swam in the weed as expected. I calmly start to put pressure on the rod. I feel a heavy weight slowly coming up. While I point my flashlight downwards, I only see one big chunk of weed. I'm getting a little worried, because I have not felt an indication of a fish on the line.

I remain calm, Thomas gradually removes the weed from the line that comes up. Suddenly I also see my lead emerge. "DAMN" is the first thing I said.

With a rig of 17cm, I was afraid that I had lost the fish. My thoughts wander and I feel the disappointment already dominate. While we quietly continue to make the line free of weed, the adrenaline decreased. While our hands work through the weeds, a large mirror carp suddenly appears.

The adrenaline revives and I immediately shout: "THOMAS GET THE FISH IN!". Thomas did not know what happened to him and he almost fell out of the boat. The fish was in a huge chunk of weed while Thomas tried to push the landingnet as deep as possible underneath the weed. I also try to pull the fish carefully towards the landingnet. With a lot of effort, it finally seems like he's in the net. We lift the net and see the huge mirror appear.

"YESSSS", I think a number of residents of the houses around the water have been woken up by my night cry. It doesn't bother me, for a moment everything is forgotten! This is one of the biggest carp from the lake. What a nice feeling! We calmly navigate back to the bank, while I am not fully aware of what just happened.

If you can send the photo of a big carp to the people who are currently asleep, you are over the moon!

After I have put the fish safely in the sling, I quickly place the rig on the same spot again. You’ll never know what the spot can deliver in the early morning hours.

The alarm goes off; it's time to get up! The remaining hours of the morning the bite alarms didn't woke us up, but that didn’t took my wonderful feeling away. I grab my cell phone and immediately see multiple messages of friends that know the fish have been caught.

I let the boys know, that for those who want to see the fish I'm going to take pictures at half past nine so that they have the chance to see the fish in real life. As a child, I prepare all the stuff to take the photos. Martijn and Addick, two of my buddies come to see the catch of this characteristic fish of at least 40 years old.

A very big fish of normally 21 kilos. I had it clean at 19.5 kilos but I am still very happy!!!

After a photo session, I let this old pearl continue its way. I look back on this session with a wonderful feeling, knowing that I have another session on the schedule next week.

You can read how it went in Part 3.

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