Autumn Pearls Part 3

It has already been a week since I banked the topfish in the second session on this water. It’s monday, and today there's a new challenge ahead of us.

On a wonderful late-summer September day with some clouds and moments of sun, there's no reason to complain. Because it was really calming last time, I decided to head towards the water in time. This time with a different friend, funny enough his name is Bas too! We met at the water around 2 p.m. Exactly the same as the previous session, we each fish the well-known spots and I fish the same spots as last time. There are not many open spots among the weeds either.

Despite the experience with these spots, it remains a lot of work to position all rigs properly. During the placement the boat is easily caught by the wind, and this makes it pretty difficult to keep yourself in the right position.

With the rigs spot-on, it's finally dinner time. While my buddy Bas picks up some goodies at the local snackbar, I am suddenly visited by my mother. This doesn’t happen often! Of course it’s always nice when she comes by spontaneously, this time especially! She couldn't have been there for more then 15 minutes when suddenly one of my rods gave five beeps. Immediately I got up and said: “Mother! You have to come with me". A bit surprised, she looks at me and jumps into my boat with the landing net in her hand!

At that moment I realised what a great mom she is! I now quietly see my floater lying on the water, while my mother has the afternoon of her life and looks fascinated at the water. We are now three meters away from the floater. Calmly, I start to put pressure. After a while I won quite a few meters of line but unfortunately it turned out to be one of the big tench.

My mother netted the tench and we calmly padled back towards the bank. Secretly I actually don't mind it at all, because it was funny to be in a boat with my mother for the first time while fishing. While I give the tench its freedom back, I prepare the rod to put on the same spot again. Bas had just returned with some food, this ment it was time for dinner! Many will recognize it: While eating, something always happens…

With all rods spot-on again and the stomach filled, the sun starts to set. Nothing special happens. Even when observing the water, we don't see any sign of the fish. The evening is falling and we decide to crawl into our sleepingbags early, hoping to catch a fish in the morning.

Does it happen anyway?
We are both sleeping when suddenly the same rod where I previously had the mega tench on wakes up; beep, beep, beep, beep! The rod didn't flew of, but the fish calmly swam away. I jumped up and tried to squeeze myself into my wading suit, and at the same time woke Bas up, who had a little more trouble waking up. I quickly grab the net, the boat. Bas is also ready for the action. With everything ready, we sail towards my rod which is still beeping quietly.

While picking up the rod, I don't presure on it. I do this because the fish must be hooked by the 300 grams lead that hangs on my safety clip. In combination with the pressure that my floater provides on the line, there is no escape for the fish.

As soon as we get close to the floater, I see that it has swam away from the obstacles perfectly, and the fish has completely buried itself in the weed. I calmly start to put pressure while my buddy shines with the flashlight and slowly removes the weeds that come up in large chunks.

After not feeling any fish for a while, I am worried again. I never get used to all the weed that's on the line. As more of the weed reaches the surface, we suddenly see my lead! Out of nowhere we see a MEGA carp appear! I immediately shout: "Net the fish, net the fish!" Bas tries to net the fish with the landingsnet while another bump of weed comes with it. With a lot of effort the carp is in the net. "YESSSSS!" I shout! I looked into the net and I'm sure that this was the largest linear carp of the water!

Once on the bank I look at the time: 4:25. Every time the bites come around this time. Something to remember! I look into the net again, while I remove some weed, my mouth falls open; it's the full scale!

Full of joy, I text some friends with a nice picture and we weigh the fish on 19 kg! I also send a message to fellow pro staffer Joris. We are going to do a session today and Joris (professional photographer) would of course be able to shoot amazing pictures of this stunning carp. We quickly sack the fish and sleep for a few more hours. It is 9:30 when we have everything ready for a photo session. We just have to wait for Joris, he’s on his way from Arnhem. When Joris has found the place, the photos are shot.

'Fish of a Lifetime'. Not only called for its beauty but also for the way how I managed to caught it.

One of the great photos that Joris took. Thanks again buddy!

Thank you for reading this three-part story! Hopefully I can write a nice follow-up for you later, because there are certainly three other targets that I will be hunting next autumn.

For now I wish that you will catch some carp aswel!

Have you not read the first parts yet? You can read them here: Part 1 and Part 2.


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