One year of fishing with the 10ft Slender rod

From the first contact with Faith Carp Tackle, the 10ft Slender rods looked eye catching to me. I always loved rods that are shorter and the fact that I was going to try out the 10ft Slender really felt like a gift. But back then I didn’t know that during the year I was going to have some of the most beautiful moments and adventures with this rod. In this blog I'm going to tell about my first experience with the 10ft Slender after one year of using this great product. The stories in this blog are about all kind of things I came across during the year, including big fish, missteps, surprises and the techniques I use when fishing in weed rich areas. The place where the rod is pushed to its ultimate limits.

The first meeting
I will start with the first contact between myself and a rod produced by Faith. With the 10ft Slender rod the setup wasn’t complete. I completed my set with the Runner 10000. Last but not least a Single Rod Sleeve insures me a safe and simple way to transport my set with me to the bank.

Optimal enjoyment in nature

The moment I arrived at the bank I unpacked my bag with my rod in it. I knew this was the rod where I was going to have a lot of good moments with. I quickly made sure that the reel was provided with the correct line.

Braided line, no other choice for these circumstances

And what a beautiful rod it was; it’s already in the name. The rods are slender and are tightly finished. The retail price is €49,99, an extremely good price for a rod that is good for all uses.

Experience at the bank
The first time fishing with this rod was at a known pond, where I was very familiar with the distance to the place where I wanted to fish. At this place, I fish close to several obstacles. The line gets clipped so I can measure the distance. Probably everyone has a couple of spots that they like to fish because there is a high chance of a good catch. That’s why I went to the familiar pond because I was very curious to what my new material was capable of.

Obstacles, I love it :)

Coming across obstacles means a tight line, the drag sealed and definitely not on the baitrunner! I always fish with a braided line and a snag leader. Therefore it’s of extreme importance to always be aware and always be on top of the rods. A short session in the morning or evening means it’s very useful for me to have very compact setup. I don't really like to fish at night so the early morning is the ideal moment of the day for me. It doesn’t take long to have my first bite. It only takes a few beeps and I already am standing with the rod in my hands.

Game on!

Because of the tight drag, I need to work hard to make sure the fish gets out of the obstacles. I always do this with my hands on the coil and I make sure that I walk a bit backwards. This way you make sure that the fish can’t get stuck. Once it's past the obstacles you can drill and land the fish normally without any trouble. That’s what I did and it felt great! The rod has a pleasant bend and because of this great bend abilities it got no disadvantages to fish with a braided line.

Got to love how these Slender rods bend

The action of the rod is expressed in 2.50 lbs and 2.75 lbs. A 10ft rod is not ideal for very far throws. Keep in mind that if you want to throw at big distance, it is better to use a 12ft or 13ft rod. Ofcourse there is more to it than just the length of the rod. You also need to look at the weight of the lead, line and the technique, but that's my experience.

Back to my catch. In the meantime the fish is lying in the cradle. It is a beautiful common with a slight two-tone tint. Ofcourse I took some pictures to eternalize this moment. The size of the fish is of good proportion and I’m very satisfied. After I let the fish back in the water, I take my time to take a good look at my setup and I think to myself; this is the perfect set for me.

This was my first ever catch with the new rod and what a great feeling. Time to head home for a nice cup of coffee and to think about where to fish next.

A beautiful slight "twotone"

From this moment on the 10ft Slender is my favourite choice of battle and since then a lot of adventures has happened. In the next few months I’m going to put some more on paper. Keep an eye out for the blog; Faith Adventures, The Slender Stories. Meanwhile I’m testing some of the 9ft models and if you want to know what I’ve got to say about those, stay tuned! With all of this said, I sincerely am able to say that these rods got my complete trust. They are not only a great use but they also look really good. What more do you want?

I can already tell that I am going to fish with them for a long time and experience lots of new adventures with them!

Joris van Ophuizen

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