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Normally, at the end of the calendar year, we look back and like to make a list about the best catches that have been made the past year. Now, in the middle of summer, I look back at a year fishing as pro staffer for Faith Carp Tackle. I also made a top ten list back when I was with KWO and that’s why there will be some overlap with this list. But there are also a couple of new photos with some great catches on it. Each photo will have some interesting or funny things attached to it, and a little story from me.

1.) A night out fishing with Ivo Nijboer. One of the first times using Faith products and I decided to take a closer look at some of this new equipment. One of those products was this amazing 2 man bivvy. A great bivvy that is easy to set up because it doesn’t involve poles! You only need to inflate it. Read my review about this bivvy for more info. I took this photo when the night fell and the beautiful sunset created the right light and ambiance. We ended our time fishing the next morning with a glorious scaly carp.

2.) The next story was already one of my favourites when I was with the KWO and that is why I had to put it on this list. A magnificent fish that almost got away from me! This was because my carp net got torn apart. Carp fishing doesn’t always go as planned and I think everyone has these moments where you just keep struggling because nothing really goes according to plan. Social media doesn’t always show the people that side of (carp) fishing, because every photo need to be perfect. But these problems and struggles is what makes it so fun and interesting.

3.) A beautiful photo of the products that I use when I go out fishing. In this particular case, Faith asked me if I could take a photo of the products with a very atmospheric background so they could use that photo on their website. Me being the equipment freak that I am, could look at this photo all day long because it never gets old. The reel beneath the rods were ready for a giveaway after sending the photos to Faith. This particular photo is one of my favourites, but didn’t make it into the top 10. If you want to take a look at the reel photos you can always check out my Instagram.

4.) My favourite season of the year is autumn. You can catch a lot of fish, the weather is very changeable and the first summer fishers stop fishing. That means that there is more room at the good fishing spots and you can’t forget the beautiful pictures you can take with the nice colours of the Autumn skyline and the nature. At that time it’s not the size of the fish that matters but it’s the combination of everything: the fish, the sky, the nature and the beauty of the Autumn colour shade.

5.) Not only am I a big fan of nature, I also love taking pictures of the products I use. Therefore, a beautiful shot of my reels can’t be missed on this list. Since a few years I use braided lines. But every once in a while, I still use a nylon line and that’s why I always carry both with me when I go out fishing. Still, a braided line gives me more confidence when I go fishing near obstacles and remains the number one choice when I sail out the line with a rubber boat or a bait boat.

6.) “The old lady”, as I named her. The reason I call her that is because I caught her before, when she was a lot more vital and thicker. She obviously is at the end of her lifespan. She still put on a fight despite of her being a bit old for a carp. Once she landed in the net and I wanted to photograph her she didn’t resist anymore. I hope she stays around for a while, although I think this was the last time I ever hold her in my arms. Not only because of her lack of resistance, but also because I won’t return to this water in France.

7.) “My choice of battle” is what I called this picture on Instagram. This is because of the huge carps and the load of weed in the water. I’ve been fishing with the Slender 10ft rods in combination with the Runner LS 10.000 SS for a while now. This really is a powerful combination and has never let me down. It doesn’t matter if it’s a very big and strong carp or that there is a lot of weed, this combination doesn’t give an inch. I also wrote an article about this combination where I describe some of the best moments me and this set had.

8.) “The beast”. This really was a tough one and didn’t give up easy as I really had to fight for it to land it in my net. I managed to eventually land her because I could remain calm and I had the space to use the backwind technique. Now that I managed to get the hang of this technique, I use it all the time. The biggest advantage of this technique is the fact that your line kinks a lot less. A real recommendation, although you still need the drag while landing a real big one.

9.) Another big beauty. This is definitely one of my favourite catches of the last couple of months. I usually am not that big of a fan of the Summer, but when you make some of these catches, you can’t really complain at all. The persistence of staying on one water and a bit of luck pays off. In this case with a beauty of a linear carp that weight an astonishing 16.5 kilogram. Although weight doesn’t matter to much for me anymore, in this case that the carp is a linear does.

10.) Last but not least: A fish from a more recent session. A morning where I caught four pure Dutch common carps and one of those being the top one of that water. With its 18 kilogram it’s the biggest carp I ever caught in the Netherlands and that’s why it definitely deserves a spot on this list.

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