Faith Carp Tackle @ Efttex 2018

Faith Carp Tackle @ Efttex 2018

Faith Carp tackle will be present at the Efttex show in Amsterdam. The Efftex show is all about supporting the European sportfishing tackle sector – the manufacturers and wholesalers, the importers and exporters.
The EFTTA support includes promotion and protection of the sportfishing activities, to grow the tackle business and influence policies and legislation of importance to the sector, the sportfishers (also named ‘recreational anglers’) and the environment. To do so effectively EFTTA has registered as an official lobbying association in Brussels.

Faith is a new and innovative carp brand that develops products for all enthusiastic carp anglers. Besides bivvy’s, bedchairs, chairs and bite alarms Faith has many more products. 2018 will be the year that Faith launches more new products on the market. There will be new series of rods, reels, rig material and many more. Faith brings quality products on the market for an affordable price so you have value for money! When you go carp fishing and you want quality products for an affordable price, then you choose Faith.

Faith is still a fairly new brand, this is why we think it is important that Faith will be present at the Efttex. We want to show our products and ideas to all the wholesalers and shop owners. We want to bring Faith to the attention of the people. We hope to see you at our stand and that you take faith in your assortment. It is intended that the carp anglers can buy Faith in as many stores as possible. There are still allot of new products to come so keep a close eye on Faith to stay informed at all times.

Faith will be present on stand number A51 we hope to see you there!


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