Product review: Faith Wicked set 3+1

Bart Loman explains;

You can nowadays open no Facebook group or forum without seeing this subject in it. The centuries-old debate about bite alarm sets that’s called which one is better the "Fox RX or Delkim? “. I have fished with both types and I think they’re both fine, but this time I’ve tested the Faith bite alarm set. People often choose for the older versions of the FOX RX and Delkim bite alarm sets, because everyone says that they are better than any other set. You often buy them second-handed, so they’re often without warrantee, but why would you do this?

An affordable solution ... the Faith bite alarm set!

Faith Wicked Baitalarms are the solution! Why choose for older versions, whereby the way the old owners used them is not being mentioned? I recently set my Delkims aside to seriously test the Faith bite alarms. I LOVED THEM! Alright, at first I was a little bit skeptical about the design because I ran into some practical problems in the beginning but beside these issues they’re ideal! The options are extensive and that for a really decent price.

“What is it that makes these bite alarms really good?” You can read it in my findings down below!

I will try to describe it in the easiest way possible. The options of the Faith bite alarm set aren’t that difficult, it has the options: Sensitivity, Volume, Tone and Nightlight on/off and that’s all I’m asking from my bite alarm.

What are the options?

Nightlight: This function gives you a really decent amount of light, through which I can even see my bite alarms in the distance with high grass. Of course you can turn this setting off, so you can’t see your bite alarms.

Volume: The volume is adjustable in multiple settings, I prefer to have my volume really low. Not only because I than always have my receiver close to me, but also out of respect for nature. Nobody benefits from extreme high and long noises in a quiet area.

Sensitivity: This is well adjustable, so you can fish really sensitive during peaceful circumstances. The sensitivity is well enough to not register accumulated debris when you’re fishing in a river.

Tone: You can set the tone to your needs from high- to low pitches. This way you can separate your fishing rods by setting different pitches for them.

The receiver: I can be really simple about this: it’s really decent! No weird shapes or antennas which are really fragile. The LEDS are clearly visible and provide enough light to see from a distance which bite alarm is going off. The receiver luckily doesn’t register the first beep from the bite alarm, so you won’t go crazy from all the rats, debris in your fishing line and gusts. But with line swimmers or different actions with two beeps or more they definitely go off.


The Faith bite alarm set comes with demountable snag-ears, this ensures that the fishing rod stays on the bite alarm when you’re fishing from an angle to your spot. The only thing that is missing in my point of view is a clip that’s connected to the receiver so you can clip it to your tent or set it upright on a bivvy table. But with the supplied key-cord you can hang up your receiver just fine.  Besides the key-cord you also get a useful storage case with your bite alarms so you can safely store them.

But please notice that these bite alarms function best when they’re laying both on the front- and rear support, as the fishing rod is able to come against the wheel and this may interrupt the bite registration. The batteries that this system needs are AAA batteries, for fishing purposes I can only recommend Duracell batteries.

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