Product review: Faith Mistress Chair

This chair from Faith Carp Tackle is decent, affordable and available in three sizes. Therefore every type of angler can choose the right size for them. For active anglers is the Mistress Chair L an ideal size. This compact version is very lightweight and easy to take with you. The backrest of the smallest chair in this series (L) is very comfortable but not adjustable. The legs are easy adjustable and partly because of the ‘Leg Lock-system’ the legs stay firm in every position.

For longer sessions a bigger seat surface is preferred, the seating surface of 68cm of the XXL version ensures optimal comfort. You can adjust this chair higher than the smaller L & XL versions; the backrest of the XXL version is also adjustable. Because both the backrest and legs are adjustable, every user can set the perfect seating position on every underground. So if you are going a week to France, this chair definitely can’t be missing from your equipment.

For anglers that fish both short and long sessions but also fish active the XL version is the best option. The XL version is a little bit of both; it has a compact size but also comfort. The XL and XXL Mistress chairs both have an adjustable backrest unlike the L version. All the Mistress chairs from Faith Carp Tackle are equipped with ‘High Density Foam’ and as a result of this guaranteed comfort! All versions are equipped with adjustable legs and that makes the Mistress chair suitable for every terrain. The large swiveling mud feet at the end of every leg make sure that you don’t sink on soggy terrain.

Faith Carp Tackle represents affordability and quality; you definitely see this in the Mistress chairs series. The chair offers maximum quality and comfort for an affordable price.

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