Blog: Session 1 with Bas

It took three years, three years before I could finally pick up my permit. This water only allows 14 members, luckily since last week I’m one of them. There is something that keeps me pulling towards this water.

I spend multiple nights here without a permit. I went as basic as possible with a sleeping bag, two rods and a bag. A quick session from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. and that was it. This made it one big adventure. Every car light that I saw could be the forest ranger and then it all would be over for me on this water.

During all these sessions I haven’t caught a pearl yet! During spawning season I had been able to study the stock pretty well. Now I know for sure that there are two really big commons and two pearls of a mirrors swimming here.  One linear and one “half” fully scaled.

After I finally had the permit, I directly started my first short overnighter. “Instant?”, some may say but personally this is one of my strongest qualities. I had plenty of confidence.

I decided to go relatively on time to the water, so I could put a little more effort in directing my lines out. This was the first time that I went with a boat on the water. After I found some clean spots next to a nice lily field, I knew it for sure; This is the spot! I put my second rod in tricky between two fields of lilies. I was hoping that they would swim from one to the other. 

Usually I use a lot of hemp during my instant short overnighters. This time I didn’t used it, because there’s a lot of bream. I fed about 100 grams boilies and the same amount of crushed boilies. After I put out my third rod nearby I could finally sit down on my chair.

It has definitely been one year since I fished an overnighter on this water. The water contains some really nice pearl. In 2006 a friend of mine hooked a beautiful linear carp of 24 pounds, I’ve seen multiple nice mirrors including a “half” fully scaled around 20-30 pounds. These are already two targets I would like to catch.

Around 04:00 a.m. the bite alarm went off like crazy, as an over-enthusiastic Usain Bolt I started to run towards my rod that was put out near the lilies. The feeling was great but I practically immediately felt that the fish was stuck. I quickly jumped in the boat and started the search for the fighter on the other end of the line. Shortly after that I saw a shadow between the lily fields this is going to be a tough job!

After 20 minutes and multiple scoop attempts I finally got it in my net. A small relief in the middle of the night, it wasn’t a target but still a nice fish to start with during my first overnighter. I put out my rod again and after the photo’s in the early morning I would release the beautiful common again. 

Around 05:30 a.m. I got a take again but after a short drill the line snapped. For a moment I was stunned and disappointed, how could this happen? I’m bummed out that the rig is still in the carp. Frustrated I decide that I’m not going to rig up my rod again. I was wide awake so I decided to immediately take a picture with the fish in the morning sun.

Around six I of course as the true “bream king” caught a fantastic copy out of the category dirty and slimy. Two more hours go by and without any sign of carp, that’s why I decided to start packing my gear. I decided that I was definitely coming back here for another overnighter. Two takes and one fish are fine knowing that my target fishes might come by.

After making a bucket of five kilo crushed boilies mixed with a couple whole 15mm and 20mm citrus-banana boilies. I decided to feed a long strip so next time I can fish there with two rods and use my third rod as instant rod. Hereafter the hard working begins again. I packed everything in the car.

I look back on this great first session with a good feeling and of course you’ll get a new blog from the next pre-fed session.

Until next time,

Bas Baks

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