Product review: Faith Bivvy Lamp

A Bivvy lamp is for every angler useful because a lot of our adventures take place at night time. Those who fish a lot in the evenings and during night time will confess, fishing without a light makes it a bit more difficult. During this session I took the Faith Remote Bivvy lamp with me to test it extensively and to show you the possibilities.

The Bivvy lamp is small and compact. It easily fits in your bag, tacklebox or backpack. Included are two useful cords and as a result of this you can easily hang the lamp, for example in the opening of your tent. The battery last a long time and is also chargeable with a powerbank!

The lamp has five modes

  • White soft
  • White hard (bear in mind that if you turn this mode off you won’t see a thing for a while)
  • Red soft (useful if you don’t want to attract pests. This way you also draw less attention to yourself so other anglers and inspectors have trouble spotting you)
  • Red bright
  • Red (SOS for in case of emergency, or if you want to make your tent a disco)


The lamp has a magnetic side. I personally like this a lot. I place it for example on my barrow, this way I have a sort of headlight in the dark. The lamp has a remote control to switch between all options or turn it on and off. It’s very useful to have in your pocket when you’re going to sleep. The range: approximately five-six meter.

My opinion about the Faith Bivvy Lamp is super positive. The brightness of the lamp is great. It’s also perfect for the moment that you’re running to your rods and don’t have any light. If you have your remote with you it’s one click and you’ve got light, white/red bright or less bright.

If you have any questions or if you want to know more after you read my review, feel free to contact me for more information.

Soon the next product review will follow.

Keep Faith,


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