András Varga

My name is András Varga I am 17 years old from Hungary, my fishing career started when I was 10 years old. My first memorable fishing impression was at a the local lake. My father and I caught a small mirror, my first carp! It was unforgettable for me because it was the time that I fell love with carps and with everything which belongs to fishing. In the beginning I was fishing with my father, he gave me perfect and inevitable knowledge to every fishing method but carp fishing is my favourite. Not long after I started carp fishing with my friends and sometimes on my own, I spent more and more time on the bank. Finally this beautiful activity has become my passion and I love it more from day to day. It ensures me the opportunity to set new goals and achievements.

In the last two years I emphasized fishing for definitely big and special carps and I think with success. In the summer I visited a fishing exhibition in Amsterdam which called Efftex and I got the opportunity to be a Faith Carp Tackle Pro-staff member. I was very happy because Faith Carp Tackle is a new brand with useful fishing stuff and offers high quality for low price. The collaboration with Faith Carp Tackle started and I am very grateful because they support me with qualitative accessories which totally suffice my needs during my longer and shorter fishing.

In my on- an offline social network I always share my adventures, my catches with different Faith Carp Tackle products and how I use them. You can follow my adventures with Faith products and rigs which I prefer for given conditions!