Bas Baks

My name is Bas Baks, my real carp adventures started when I was 13 years old. After school I always went carp fishing. With little knowledge of carps and carp fishing, carp fishing was often difficult for me. Unfortunately little knowledge also means little carp. I didn’t catch big carps, but the ones I did catch I still cherish! In the years that followed I started fishing more active for carps and basically set aside predatory fishing.

The past years I fished twice as much for carps as I did before. After fishing on several waters in The Netherlands and abroad, I started to understand the game. Fishing started to become way more fun and interesting as before. Earlier I was focused on easier waters, but I switched to waters with fewer fish. Sometimes I fish for five nights and end up with one target fish on my mat. This really gives my fishing a gigantic boost, fishing for that one target fish!

When I’m fishing on these tough waters I value the quality of my material. Faith Carp Tackle offers me the opportunity to experience fishing optimal!  While using Faith Carp Tackle products I pay attention to the wishes of the passionate and adventurous carp angler. The feedback I deliver benefits the development of new products, so other people can use the products optimal. In my blogs and reviews I’m going to give you a look inside my adventurous fishing and sessions.