David de Vos

I have been fishing almost whole my life! When I was a little boy, I was used to fish next to my father with my bamboo rod. I quickly became more enthusiastic and fanatic than him and rushed to the bank whenever my school day was done. I stood for hours on end in the rain, the cold and in the sunshine. I was the king of the world! A wonderful feeling of freedom is what still attracts me to this day and age. One moment it’s all relaxed and before you know it you’re full of adrenaline trying to catch a big fish!


Over the years I built up some phenomenal memories. One of them was catching my first carp; it felt like I had hooked onto a block of concrete! Why would I make an effort to catch roaches if I was able to catch these monsters?! Or the one time that I managed to catch 25 kilos of fish in Belgium in two days (all by myself!). I still regularly dream of these beautiful memories. Some of them I made alone, others with friends and nowadays I also make them with my boys.



Through my collaboration with Faith Carp Tackle, I’m looking forward to having more people participate in my adventures and encourage others to do the same. The brand appeals to me in particular, because of the word ‘Faith’, the word itself means a lot to me. In my daily life, I’m a so-called ‘modern speaker’, I like to bring faith to life. I love to regularly address and encourage thousands of people!


My way of fishing is very diverse. I don’t follow any specific rules and I enjoy many forms of fishing. Large, public waters at home, and abroad make my heart beat faster. But I’m also not afraid of a session on payment water. I generally make a lot of hours from my boat on the Randmeren in the Netherland and at the same time, I love to socialize with some brothers in Faith on beautiful water!


Info about me and my work:


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