Joris van Ophuizen

In 2014 I rediscovered fishing and I immediately became completely obsessed from the moment that I’d catch my first carp again! In a short period of time I learned a lot about fishing by listening to/watching other people, watching videos and reading a lot. With all the information I gathered I’ve developed my own style and gotten to the point where I am today. A few years ago I became really good friends with the owner of the local fishing store in Arnhem, The Netherlands.  We than soon went fishing and I’ve gained a lot of knowledge from fishing with him and especially from his experience.

During my childhood, like many others did, I fished fanatically for a while. I went fishing on my own because nobody in my family had a connection with fishing. Of course, I learned a lot by watching other people fishing. I didn’t catch any carps back then because I was fishing with a five meter pole. I heard story’s that if I got a carp on it would completely wreck everything. Back then it let my imagination run wild and I think that’s what aroused my curiosity of carps, I loved those stories.

Throughout the years I kept finding fishing interesting, but it remained by throwing my rod out with friends once in a while. The drive to keep looking for adventure moved during this period to mountain biking. I was definitely rather outside than inside and nowadays I know how to combine both sports. During cycling holidays I can put this into practice, because I always take my rod with me.

I love going to the bank in the early morning with the least gear as possible. I also like to spend the night at the bank but when I do, I fish until night time and I throw my rods back out in the morning. This way I get my night’s rest and I’m fit to go to work in the morning. I preferably fish shorter sessions rather than long sessions during warm weather. In the fall/spring longer sessions and in the winter I fish shorter sessions again. The adventure, excitement and relaxation are always priority number one. “When I fish I always want to catch something”, but sometimes that doesn’t happen. It’s my goal to improve the search for carps step by step.

In collaboration with Faith Carp Tackle the possibilities are bigger than ever. A nice brand with great products and the ambition to release more quality products is really appealing to me. Short sessions on smaller waters will vary with longer sessions on lager waters or on rivers in Europe. I’m thrilled to take you with me on my adventures and the search for carps.